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8th Fleet:
Role Playing Etiquette

Here are some friendly tips about Role Playing Etiquette that could help cut frustrations and issues.

Character Creation

* Avoid God Like Abilities for your Character.  The Purpose of RPing is not to be powerful it is about the personality of the character.  If your character is too powerful you will eventually get bored with the character. People around will get bored too since all the problems can be solved by letting your character do everything.
* Try to balance the Character.  For every good thing give them a weakness.  I.E. Doctor Bashir is genetically enhanced and smart but sometimes he comes off as arrogant and his analysis are flawed because he relies on data.
* Do not include someone else’s character in your background or written story unless you have that character’s author permission. It is common courtesy to allow players that you “borrowed” their character to look at the joint story before approving it.

* Attempt to stay in Character in your In Character Post.  If you start writing In Character statements and Out of Character comments in the same post you might be confusing people.
* Try not to use Out of Character knowledge for In Character actions.  For Example if a Klingon appears on the ship you don’t know their name because of their prior post.
* Don’t try to be the Center of Attention all of the time. Be polite and share attention with other characters. You aren’t the only one there to have fun, give everyone their turn in the spotlight.
Playing with Others

* Never assume someone will react in a certain way just because you think they should. Always give others the chance to react in their own way, and don’t get upset if the reaction isn’t what you expected.
* Any action you perform on someone else’s character, no matter what the action might be, should be phrased as an attempt. By making an attempt instead of just doing it outright, you give the character’s player the chance to consent to the action or avoid it if it’s something they’d rather not have happen to their character.  If you are going to do an Action PM the player and ask if they have objections to the action.
* Be considerate of the role-playing mood of others. If you come into a situation where other characters are already engaged in some RP, don’t just leap in with a radically different mood unless you get permission.  (i.e. Two crew members are mourning the loss of a shipmate check if it's ok before you spill drinks on them and interrupt their conversation and start making bad jokes and character development)
* This goes for Romances and Flirting as well.  Try to PM the player and see if there are willing or interested in that with their character.  Some characters want to be professional others not.
* Remember also that we cannot see and sometimes non-verbal are lost in posting.  Different Culture sees things differently.  (i.e. in a lot of Hispanic cultures dancing is seen as  fun in the American Culture some people take is as a flirt).  Try to give fellow players the benefit of the doubt.
* Feel free to use first NPC's if you think that is part of the character.
* Give others time to react to you. Some people might take a couple of days to write a respond.  If you ever believe that you are ignored or someone miss a tag contact the player.  If this happens consistently or an issue please report it to the chain of command.
* It is considered Rude if you just walk to character and start being hostile for no apparent reason and just say “I am playing my character”.  In real life people who create toxic work environments are removed.


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