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8th Fleet:
Realistic Punishments

To make our roleplay more realistic we have instituted appropriate, Starfleet punishments for our players. What this essentially means is, if your character does something naughty they will receive an appropriate punishment.

These punishments are separate from our general rules that govern how a player should behave. This is purely in character, but can also affect OOC in the case of CLOs.

Things that could possibly land your character in trouble are (this list is not comprehensive):

* Conduct unbecoming an officer
* Disobeying orders
* Gross negligence
* Breaching Starfleet rules and regulations
Punishments can range from (this list is not comprehensive):

* Reduction in rank (If you are a CLO and receive this punishment, you will also be removed OOC from CLO status if your rank drops below the required level)
* Removal of command position (Including OOC)
* Removal of DH position
* Transfer
* Jail time
Punishments can be delivered via a CO, Court Martial or the Fleet Admiral. Each is taken on a case by case basis and most can be resolved by the CO. For more serious incidents a court martial can be convened.

This rule is not intended to stifle role playing creativity, but to add realism and ensures a character can't get away with murder (literally).


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