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8th Fleet:
The Prometheus-class was a Federation advanced escort starship developed for tactical operations in deep space.  Its main feature was the multi-vector assault mode, which allowed the class escort to split into three warp-capable, combat-ready sections Alpha, Beta and Gamma.  However during the development and testing phase, the design spawned several sub-classes.

The Prometheus-class was one of several starship designs, along with the Sovereign and Defiant classes, that were created in response to the Borg threat following the USS Enterprise-D's encounter with a Borg Cube in System J-25 in 2365. Starfleet Tactical's task was to design a vessel that could be fast, manoeuvrable, and be equipped with the latest weaponry that was being designed to fight the Borg.

However, none of the new designs or weapons were ready for the Borg attack in 2366 which resulted in the destruction of 39 starships and the loss of 11,000 lives. This created a new sense of urgency in getting better equipped starships up and running in the fleet. While the Sovereign and Defiant classes entered service in around 2371, the launch and testing of the USS Prometheus was put back until 2374.

The initial trials of the Prometheus went well, until she was hijacked by a group of Romulans keen on taking the Prometheus to the Tal Shiar, so they could learn the latest starship secrets. While the crew were killed by the Romulans, they were prevented in keeping the Prometheus by the starship's Emergency Medical Hologram and The Doctor from the USS Voyager.

After the safe return of the Prometheus and the testing of the ships multi-vector assault mode were completed, Starfleet rushed the construction of two further vessels, the USS Cerberus and USS Heracles. Then following the conclusion of the Dominion war, a third of the class was commissioned for construction, her name was to be the USS Horizon.

During the construction of the Horizon, Starfleet adapted the MVAM and changed its purpose entirely.  The mode would become a means of escape for the crew, in the event of the ship being abandoned.  The escape mode would essentially create lifeboats and can only be authorised with the consensus of the command staff.  However the ability to bring the MVAM back into action is there, though it would require a visit to a Federation Starbase and must be authorised by the Admiralty.

The USS Horizon NCC 75600, was officially commissioned and launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on July 7th 2375.  She was placed under the command of veteran Starfleet Captain, William Hunter.


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