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Bonnie Moors - Reporting In!
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:49:53 PM »
Character Details

Character Name: Bonnie Moors
Character Age: 23
Character DOB: 4th February 2351
Character Image:

Character Species: Human/Betazoid
Gender: Female
Character Family:
Human Mother - Lucille Moors
Betazoid Father - Aakis Omat

Character Bio:

Bonnie Moors was born to her parents Lucille and Aakis Omat on Betazed, the family moved to Earth and Bonnie was brought up in Los Angeles, California. Bonnie was born with extremely strong telepathic abilities.

Aakis had high ambitions for Bonnie. He hoped she'd be able to make herself known in Starfleet or discover something ground breaking. His dreams of her flying high in Starfleet crumbled when she begun to develop mental health problems attached to her advanced telepathy.

Bonnie gained symptoms of schizophrenia, she begun to see hallucinations and the mental health problems affected her and her family significantly.

Family life became very strained until her parents begun to argue. Family life got increasingly worse until the breaking point was met and her father left her and her mother for Betazed. Her mother changed their surname's back to Moors and Bonnie's mental health issues begun to get more severe. She gained delusions of abandonment.

Life with her mother was hard. Her mother struggled to get a job and when she managed to get one, she still didn't have enough money to pay for the house and food.

When Bonnie was 16 years old, she was left at the orphanage and Bonnie never saw her mother again. Her feelings of abandonment became worse and Bonnie struggled to cope after her mother had left.

She was given an opening when she was given an opportunity to get lost in something she loved. Bonnie begun to study intensely about biology and chemistry alongside her other subjects. This helped her combat her health problems and this made them much better than they were before. She passed her exams and then was given the opportunity to do a degree in medicine, she spent 4 years at university and passed out at 22, she spent 2 years in general practice and then was offered a job on board a newly christened ship.

At first she was reluctant to take the job, but she was persuaded by the opportunity to work alongside starfleet. She remembered her father going on about them all the time and guessed that working alongside them is just as good as being a part of them, she took the job and was placed on the Horizon.

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience:
A couple of years on another site, some time as moderator.
Former admin here for a while, looking for a restart and then will bring back Kira later.
Department Preference: Civilian Medicine
Secondary Department Preference: Civilian Science

Sample Post:

Check Kira Wyman.

Additional information:

Bonnie's irises are black, she is a Betazed.

Bonnie has symptoms of schizophrenia due to her extremely strong telepathy. She has learnt to cope with these but still has the effects.

Bonnie is extremely intelligent in her trade.

I will find a smaller Pic for ID - I don't know who the face claim is, I will figure that out later.

I put the mental health problems in because it is known for betazoid people with strong telepathic abilities at a young age, to develop mental health problems. I thought it'd be an interesting character to do and thought it'd be a change of pace. A learning curve for me too, if you will. (Never played a Betazed before.) If you want me to provide the link for you to read, please ask. I will use it during rp but I won't over play it, as I said, she can control it to a degree.

However, if it makes anyone uncomfortable while rping, please ask and I will rectify it.

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Re: Bonnie Moors - Reporting In!
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Welcome Miss Moors, please report to Dr Carter and good to have you here :)

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