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HELP: How to get Promoted and Promotion Criteria


8th Fleet:
How to get promoted in 8th Fleet

In case you were wondering, there are criteria that you have to meet in order to gain promotions.

Listed below are the different ways you can show your superiors that you deserve promotion.

General tips for gaining promotion:

* Avoiding spelling & grammar mistakes
* Contributing out of missions
* Following the rules
* Observing the chain of command
* Posting regularly
* Showing initiative
* Submitting mission ideas
* Working well with others
Rank Structure:

The Site Administrators reserves the right to waive criteria in special circumstances, such as fast tracking and personnel demands.

Junior Officer Promotions:
Promotions up the junior ranks (Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade) are , time served and contributing out of missions.

Senior Officer Promotions:
Promotion up to the senior commissioned ranks - Lieutenant Commander and above - is slower than the junior structure, as higher standards are expected of you. Promotions to the rank of Lieutenant Commander will only be made if there is a department head or first officer position available for the officer to assume. No Lieutenant Commander will be appointed as simply a department officer.

Promotion to Command Level Officer status will only occur after careful assessment of a player's activity and overall contribution to 8th Fleet. As a position of First Officer comes with increased moderator privileges we need to ensure that only reliable and trustworthy players are awarded this right. In return for these enhanced powers and increased responsibility on the forum, Command Level Officers are continually assessed by the Site Administrators. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on Command Level Officers to perform at the level required of them and it is no easy job.

All promotions after Lieutenant  must be earned through testing conducted by the Site Admins.

If you have any further questions regarding promotion in 8th Fleet, contact your commanding officer.


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