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Re: U.S.S Horzion-Into Darkness
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After making her report, Charlotte had returned her attention to the sensors, knowing that there wasn't a lot she could do in terms of the probe as it had been disintegrated but that wouldn't stop her from continuing to scan the nebula. The conversation behind her continued regarding their next steps and what or who could be hiding from them and all she could do was wait for the scan results from Harriman and what her next orders would be.

Of course it was terrifying in a way especially if the Borg where involved but had faith in the Captain and the remaining crew that answers would be found and then get the hell out of here.

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Re: U.S.S Horzion-Into Darkness
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John watched the sensors closely and there was a small ping, he looked at the ping again. He then began to to scan the readings for signs of Borg tech, but instead he noticed the area had a Romulan signature.

"Captain, I am detecting Romulan ships in the Nebula." he said as he looked at the console then to the captain.