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8th Fleet:
8th Fleet Rules

SECTION 1: Character Creation
     1.1 - Creating a User Account
     1.2 - Character Species
     1.3 - Character Name
     1.4 - Character Biography
     1.5 - Playing Your Character
SECTION 2: Posting
     2.1 - Content
     2.2 - Format
     2.3 - Spelling & Grammar
     2.4 - Use of NPCs
     2.5 - Posting for Others
     2.6 - Posting Activity
SECTION 3: Promotions
     3.1 - Commissioned Officer Promotions
     3.2 - Command Level Officers
     3.3 - Administrators/Flag Officers/Admiralty
     3.4 - Rank Formula
SECTION 4: Chain of Command
     4.1 - The Chain of Command
     4.2 - Fleet Command Structure
     4.3 - SIMM Command Structure
SECTION 5: Missions
     5.1 - Organization of Missions
     5.2 - Submitting Mission Ideas

8th Fleet:
SECTION 1 - Character Creation
1.1 - Creating a User Account

Creating a user account is the first step towards joining our community here at 8th Fleet. However, there are some rules that you must obey when creating your account:

* You must not include vulgar, hateful, pornographic or obscene words in any section of your account.
* The name of the account must be your character's full name.
* Do not include ranks within the name of the account.
* Failure to adhere to these rules may result in disciplinary action being taken and/or the account name being changed accordingly.
Players are currently limited to 3 accounts. Approval to create an alternate account must first be sought from the site administrators before submitting an application.

In order to be allowed to create a second character, you must:

* Have been an active member of the fleet for at least six months.
* Have reached a total of 400 posts on your first character.
* Have had no disciplinary action taken against you in the past six months.
* Have received permission from the Site Administrators. (via a request submitted to your commanding officer).
In order to be allowed to create a third character, you must:

* Have been an active member of the fleet for at least one year with both your primary and secondary characters.
* Have reached a total of 400 posts on your second character.
* Have had no disciplinary action taken against you in the past year.
* Have received permission from the Site Administrators. (via a request submitted to your commanding officer).
There are also some restrictions in place for the second/third character. Once created:

* 8th Fleet will treat all accounts separately in terms of posting activity levels. Therefore, failure to post with one will result in suspension of that account.
* You are only permitted one character per SIMM.
* You may only hold one Command Level Officer position across all accounts.
* This may be overruled by the Site Administrators on a case by case basis.
The rule of thumb is typically three characters are the limit, however some players have and can run more. The general consensus is that you can have more, but each subsequent character must initially have the approval of the Site Administrators, via a pm to your command team.

Fourth characters and above will be dealt with on a case by case basis and the Site Administrators reserve the right to suspend those accounts, if they feel the need. If that does happen you will receive a PM telling you why.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the new account being suspended.

1.2 - Character Species

Once you have created your account, you can create your character. The first thing you should consider is the species. 8th Fleet rules allow the following species:


If you would like to play as a species that is not on this list, seek administrator approval first. Please note that prohibited species include the Borg, Founders, Jem'Hadar, Talosians, Tarellians, the Q, Species 8472, any Delta Quadrant species, and any non-canon species.
This may be overruled by the the Site Administrators on a case by case basis.

Note that when you are creating your character, you will be required to write a bio for them, so you will need to be aware of the relevant background information for the species you have chosen. Remember that if your character is from a non-Federation species - for example, a Cardassian - and you wish for them to be a member of Starfleet, you will need to think of a plausible reason as to how they came to be accepted into the fleet. Implausible reasons will result in the application being rejected.

1.3 - Character Name

When you are creating a name for your character, the most important thing to remember is to be original! Try not to use a name that already exists in the Star Trek series. Notable canon names (Picard, Kirk, Riker etc.) are prohibited.

You should also make the name of your character suit the race that you have chosen. For example, if you chose to be a Vulcan, do not use a Human name like Michael. Should this happen, you will be asked to think of another, more appropriate name for your character.

1.4 - Character Biography

The character biography is the most important part of the creation of your character here on 8th Fleet. The biography allows other players to imagine the type of person your character is. Therefore, it is important that you get this right.

Make the biography match the species you are, and the department you have applied for. For example, do not state that your character is a keen engineer and then apply for the medical position. Similarly, make your character's qualifications match their specialty. Do not give your character a medical degree when they are applying for a position as Helm officer. Again, should this happen, you will be asked to think of another, more appropriate biography for your character.

1.5 - Playing Your Character

You have created your character's name, species and biography. It is time to post as them. Bear in mind that when you begin to post, you must obey what you have already established with the character.

Don't give your character special abilities in-game when the species they belong to clearly do not possess the ability. For example, do not give a Human telepathy when Humans are not telepathic. Again, if this happens, you will be warned to correct it.

8th Fleet:
SECTION 2 - Posting
2.1 - Content

Posting with other characters and watching your own character grow and expand is an exciting process, however, there are rules governing what you can and can't post or do in the fleet. You MUST NOT post, PM, IM anything that:

* Is obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit.
* Depicts graphic or gratuitous violence.
* Makes threats of any kind or that intimidates, harasses, or bullies anyone.
* Is abusive, defamatory, demeaning, derogatory, hateful, malicious or offensive.
* Goes outside the realms of possibility for your established character and/or others (God-modding).
Any actions from one Player to another, that might cast 8th Fleet in a bad light, will not be tolerated and disciplinary action may be taken.

While character relationships are not forbidden, 8th Fleet is a 13+ rated board, so if your characters do partake in extra-curricular activities during a date, keep the description to a minimum.

8th Fleet considers violation of these rules a serious offense. Anyone found to be continually breaking these will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

2.2 - Format

2.3 - Spelling & Grammar

8th Fleet is a text-based role-playing game, and as such, a certain level of spelling & grammar is required so all members can enjoy the RPG experience. The following rules govern spelling & grammar:

* The official language on the boards is English. If you can't write in English, sorry!
* All proper English spellings are acceptable as long as the post is legible. For example, "color" (American English) and "colour" (British English) would both be acceptable.
* Posts should be checked using a spell checker before you submit them to the boards, and preferably proof read after you have submitted them.
* Anyone seen to be having trouble with their spelling & grammar will be notified by an admin or forum moderator and help will be offered to bring them up to standard.

2.4 - Use of NPCs

NPCs, or "Non-playing Characters", are recurring characters. They will generally be defined on the ship's roster. The rules regarding the use of NPCs are as follows:

* They must only be used to add to the background of a story or story event.
* Only NPCs that have been defined in the ship's roster may be used. Do not make up NPCs without the approval of a command officer.
* They must not be used against another user without their consent.
* Injuries or deaths amongst NPCs are allowed, but should be kept to a minimum and should only occur when the story warrants it.

2.5 - Posting for Others

Posting for others is defined as using another user's character in a post, without their consent. This is expressly prohibited within 8th Fleet and anyone found to be breaking this could face a temporary suspension from the fleet.

If you would like to include another user's character within one of your posts, contact the owner of the character FIRST, via private message. Once you have received permission, and only after this, should you include the character in your post. You should also keep a copy of the PM giving you permission to use the character, should any misunderstandings occur.

2.6 - Posting Activity

The minimum required posting activity rating varies between enlisted and commissioned players but we do expect you to post regularly whatever your rank. The following table shows a rough guide for the expected posting commitments for the various ranks.

Cadets - 7-10 Posts Per Week               
Junior Officers - 7-10 Posts Per Week
Senior Officers - 12-15 Posts per week
Department Heads - 15-20 Posts Per Week
Command Level Officers - 15-25 Posts Per Week
Junior Officers are players holding the rank of Ensign (or equivalent) up to Lieutenant (or equivalent).
Senior Officers are players holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander (or eqivalent) up to Captain (or equivalent).
Command Level Officers are players who have been assigned a command position (commanding officer or first officer) within the fleet.

Bear in mind that this is just a rough guide for posting levels. As long as a player is online and posting regularly in missions, these levels should be met naturally. However, failure to post regularly will result in an informal warning from the admin staff. Continued lack of posting on the forums may result in account suspension for inactivity.

Members of the Site Administration are exempt from specific posting levels, but are expected to be online regularly and dealing with any problems that may arise.

8th Fleet:
SECTION 3 - Promotions
3.1 - Commissioned Officer Promotions

Please see: How to Get Promoted

3.2 - Command Level Officers

Command level officers are players who have been assigned a position as executive officer or commanding officer of a starship or starbase. They will usually hold the rank of Captain (for COs) Commander (for XOs) but this may vary depending on the size of the vessel on which they serve. For smaller ships the executive officer may hold the rank of Lieutenant Commander. A CO will always be of captain rank.

Out of character, command level officers are moderators on the forum and are responsible for making sure all users follow 8th Fleet rules.

Players may only be appointed command level officers by meeting the following criteria:

* Must have been a member of the fleet for at least 6 months.
* Must have served as a lieutenant commander for at least 2 months.
* Must have completed or be working towards the command officer training course.
* Must have the recommendation of a current command level officer, who has served in the post for at least 3 months.
This may be overruled by the the Site Administrators on a case by case basis.

3.3 - Administrators/Flag Officers/Admiralty

Administrators hold senior fleet staff positions, such as 'Fleet Executive Officer' and are responsible for all personnel under their command. Out of character, they are responsible for ensuring all users under them are contributing towards the SIMM and behaving in a acceptable manner. Administrators have the authority to promote players above the rank of Lieutenant Commander and are able to assign players as command level officers.

The following positions are held by administrators only:
Fleet Commanding Officer
Fleet Executive Officer
Website/Server Administrator
Member MediationAcademy Commandant

3.4 - Rank Formula

The number of commissioned officers is carefully managed to ensure a fair balance is maintained at all times. There may only be a certain number of commissioned officers of each rank per SIMM and Commanding Officers requesting promotions to these ranks must be aware of this.

Maximum number of commissioned officers per SIMM (Large Ship):
Captain (1)
Commander (2 - First Officer & CMO only)
Lieutenant Commander (2)
Lieutenant & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (6)
Ensign & Cadets (No restrictions)

Maximum number of commissioned officers per SIMM (Small Ship):
Captain (1)
Commander (1 - First Officer only)
Lieutenant Commander (1)
Lieutenant & Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (4)
Ensign & Cadets (No restrictions)

8th Fleet:
SECTION 4 - Chain of Command
4.1 - The Chain of Command

The command structure is defined as, "...the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. Orders are transmitted down the chain of command, from a higher-ranked soldier, such as a commissioned officer, to lower-ranked personnel who either carry out the order personally or transmit it down the chain as appropriate, until it is received by those expected to carry it out."

It is essential that the command structure be followed in order to maintain an efficient and constructive SIMM.

4.2 - Fleet Command Structure

Commanding officers in need of assistance should use the following chain of command. Similarly, messages will be passed down to starship commanders using this structure:

* Fleet Commanding Officer
* Fleet Executive Officer
* Commanding Officer
4.3 - SIMM Command Structure

Any personnel seeking assistance within a SIMM may contact another member of their command team, either through the forum or Skype.


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