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HELP: Disciplinary Procedure
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:52:19 AM »
Disciplinary procedure

The disciplinary procedure in 8th Fleet is based on a "three strikes" system, with a player's first offense based on a simple informal warning, rising to permanent suspension from the fleet.

Category One: Informal Warning

Should a player commit a low-level offense such as godmodding, minor insults to other players or posting non-canon material in missions, it is the responsibility of the SIMM's Commanding Officer to issue an informal warning. This should take the form of simple words of advice and suggestions for improvement so that they don't make the same mistake again.

The aim of the informal warning is to provide players with a polite reminder before going down a more serious route.

Should a player commit a more serious offense such as posting hurtful messages of a racial or sexually oriented nature, this stage may be skipped altogether and the player placed on a Stage Two or even Stage Three warning as appropriate.

Category Two: Formal Warning

If a player continues with their behavior without taking onboard the advice they have previously been offered, it is up to the Commanding Officer to issue a more formal warning. This would take the form of a stern reprimand warning the player against continued behavior of this nature. While the message should be stern and authoritative, it should also be polite and respectful in accordance with the 8th Fleet rules surrounding communication with other members.

The aim of the formal warning is to enter an official record about a player's misconduct. As such, this may affect future prospects of promotion for the individual concerned.

Category Three: Escalated Referral

If a player continues to exhibit behavior that is related to the previous formal warning, the next step is the escalated referral. If this occurs, the Commanding Officer will message the Site Administrators with a break-down of what has occurred, the circumstances surrounding the player's infraction and his/her recommendation as to further action to take. The Site Administrators will then consider the situation and issue one of the following resolutions:
  • No further action: The player's conduct is deemed not to warrant further action by the Site Administrators and the matter will be referred back down to the SIMM Commanding Officer to deal with internally.
  • Enhanced formal warning: The Site Administrators will issue the player with their own formal warning not to continue their course of action or risk an escalated response, as outlined in the following points.
  • Loss of rank and/or position: Should it be deemed an appropriate response to the matter in question, the Site Administrators have the authority to authorize a reduction in rank and/or position for the player concerned up to and including three ranks below present standing depending on the severity of the offense. For example, a Lieutenant Commander could, in theory, be demoted to the rank of Ensign for a serious infraction against the 8th Fleet rules. This option may be considered appropriate only if the Site Administrators believe it will have an impact on the player's behavior. If there is any doubt, an alternative resolution should be sought.
  • Temporary suspension: The Site Administrators, may issue a temporary suspension from the fleet.

Referral to Site Administrators:

For more serious offenses, the matter may be wholly referred to the Site Administrators, who may choose to issue a temporary suspension or issue a permanent ban from 8th Fleet.

Appeals Process

If you believe you have been wrongly disciplined, or believe your disciplinary proceedings have not followed the procedure outlined above, you may lodge an appeal against it. The appeals process is relative to the stage of proceedings you have reached:

Stage One: If you feel you have wrongly been issued an informal warning, you may contest if by sending a message to your Commanding Officer outlining your reasoning. The Commanding Officer will then further justify why you have been issued with an informal warning, or if appropriate, rescind it. In the event you are not happy with the Commanding Officer's response, you may request that the matter be referred to the Site Administrators who will evaluate it further and issue a final decision.

Stage Two: If you feel you have been issued a formal warning and did not deserve it, you may appeal via the same process as outlined in Stage One. The Site Administrators will have the final say on whether the warning issued was appropriate.

Stage Three: The appeals process for stage three varies depending on the resolution issued by the Site Administrators. If you were subject to an NFA resolution, you should follow the appeals process outlined in stage one. For enhanced formal warnings and reductions in rank and/or position, you may appeal directly to the Site Administrators who will justify the reasons behind the decision. For incidents that result in suspension or permanent ban from 8th Fleet, you may file an appeal directly with the Site Administrators. The matter will be investigated, taking into account justification from your Commanding Officer and anyone else who may be directly involved, and a final decision made. Should your appeal be rejected by the Site Administrators, you will not be able to lodge another.

Timeline For Disciplinary Actions

After a player has gone through the above process (informal warning, formal warning, escalated referral) the questions still stands on how long the actual punishment is active for. Below is a detailed description. Reminder: These are a loose outline and are subject to change.

Disciplinary actions resulting from category one incidents expire after 1 month from issue. Category two incidents expire 2 months from issue.


This action is determined by the transgression. The following is a brief overview of some possible options:

Spamming - 1 Month
Unnecessary Violent/Crude Posting - 2 Months
Offensive Out of Character Communications - 2 Months

Other options will be discussed on a base by base basis. Again, this is determined by the upper fleet command. Ship Commanding Officers may make suggestions concerning the punishment of the individual if it pertains to a ship transgression.


Banning a member is a last resort, and it may not be temporary. This is to be decided by the Site Administrators who will review the matter on a case by case basis.